How many commercial vehicles are registered in the US?

How many commercial vehicles are there in the US?

The average value for the USA during that period was 9134750 commercial vehicles with a minimum of 5200478 commercial vehicles in 2009 and a maximum of 12397822 commercial vehicles in 2018. The latest value from 2020 is 11051054 commercial vehicles.

How many registered commercial trucks are in the US?

Number of Trucks:

37.9 million trucks registered and used for business purposes (excluding government and farm) in 2019, representing 23.9% of all trucks registered. 3.97 million Class 8 trucks (including tractors and straight trucks) in operation in 2020, up 1.5% from 2019.

How many semi trucks are registered in the US?

There are nearly 2 million semi trucks in operation in the U.S., and around 5.6 million semi trailers. Semi trucks and semi trailers are also known as tractors and tractor trailers, respectively.

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How many registered vehicles are there in the United States 2020?

According to Hedges & Company, there were 284.5 million registered vehicles in the US in 2019. This number is projected to go up to 287.3 million in 2020.

How many trucking companies are there in the U.S. in 2021?

Trucking Industry Size in the US

According to the US Department of Transportation, there were 996,894 for-hire carriers, 813,440 private carriers, and 83,235 other interstate motor carriers in the US, as of February 2021.

What is the trucking industry worth in 2021?

In 2021, the total market size of the truckload industry in the United States is expected to reach over 212 billion U.S. dollars. Over the recent years, this market has experienced a continuous increase as a result of improving economic needs for inland freight transportation in the U.S.

How many trucks are registered in Texas?

Currently, there are more than 22 million registered vehicles in Texas. The division collects more than $4.5 billion in registration fees, title fees, and motor vehicle sales tax, the majority of which is deposited into the State Highway Fund to build and maintain Texas’ highways, roads and bridges.

What state has the most semi trucks?

States with the most trucks in 2015:

  • California: 14,037,539 (Private and commercial: 13,764,7340)
  • Texas: 12,959,672 (Private and commercial: 12,787,563)
  • Florida: 7,737,069 (Private and commercial: 7,608,030)
  • Pennsylvania: 5,469,688 (Private and commercial: 5,400,602)

How many truckers own their own trucks?

Who Are They? There are approximately 350,000 owner operators driving in the United States today, moving our freight across the country day after day. What is an independent owner operator?

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How many truck drivers are unionized?

They work hard at it every day. Excluding government workers, unionized representation in all industries has fallen to a 60-year low. Only 6.6 percent of all private sector workers belong to a union. In trucking, about 2 percent of all 3.5 million truck drivers are unionized.

How many semi trucks are sold in the U.S. each year?

U.S. sales of most classes of medium and heavy trucks have been increasing year-on-year since 2009, with the notable exception of class 8 heavy trucks, which have fallen sharply in recent years; in 2017 a total of 192,000 class 8 trucks were sold in the U.S., compared to the 249,000 sold in 2015.

How many fleet vehicles are in the US?

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA)’s truck facts, the number of fleet vehicles in the US is around 37.9 million trucks registered for business purposes in 2019. This number did not include the trucks used by the government and for farms.

What percentage of the US owns a car?

For most American families, cars are a crucial element of daily life. There are 276 million vehicles registered in the U.S. according to US Department of Transportation. In fact, 91% of households have access to a vehicle, and studies show that the average person spends 101 minutes a day in the car.

How many cars are per capita in the US?


Rank Country or region Motor vehicles per 1,000 people
3 Monaco 899
4 Iceland 866
5 New Zealand 837
6 United States 816