What kind of transmission fluid does a 2006 Duramax take?

What kind of transmission fluid does a Duramax Allison Transmission take?

allison transmission recommends that customers use an allison approved tes 295 automatic transmission fluid to extend drain intervals and to enhance transmission performance and durability in all operating environments.

What type of transmission fluid does a 2005 Duramax take?

Best 6.6L LLY Duramax Fluids, Oil, and Filters

Part Type Part #
Auto Transmission Fluid 04-05 5-Speed 06 6-Speed See Below Dexron III AC Delco 10-9243 Dexron VI AC Delco 10-9243
Manual Transmission Fluid ZF S6-650 6-Speed GM TranSynd full synthetic transmission fluid – GM 12378515

Is dexron VI OK for Allison Transmission?

Registered. DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid. But GM and Allison both recommend TranSynd as well.

How much transmission fluid does a 2006 Chevy Duramax take?

The 2006 Chevy 2500HD uses the Devron ViAutomatic transmission fluid and has a capacity of 12.7 US quarts for total capacity and 7.4 quarts for the service refill.

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Can you use ATF in Allison Transmission?

Mobil Delvac 1 ATF is a fully synthetic fluid recommended by Allison Transmission, Inc. and approved against the Allison TES-295 and TES-468 Specifications. The fluid is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern heavy-duty automatic transmissions.

Can I use dexron 3 in Allison Transmission?

Dex III/TES-389 fluids are fine in the Allison, even 6 speeds, but you don’t get the extended drain intervals. For that, you need to step up to the TES-295 fluids.

What is TES 295 transmission fluid?

Performance Plus Full Synthetic Heavy Duty (TES-295® & TES-389®) Transmission Fluid offers: Additives to enhance friction properties. Providing smooth shifting, reducing shudder. Formulated for anti-wear protection. Extending the life of the transmission.

Can you mix dexron 3 with Transynd?

You will be fine. As 85Eagle said, you’ll be fine. However, you won’t be able to do the extended fluid change until you are back to 100% Transynd.

How much tranny fluid does a 2005 DuraMAX take?

A completely empty transmission on a Duramax diesel engine will hold around 13 quarts of fluid. A regular drain and fill will take 7.4 quarts of fluid to fill the transmission with fluid.

Can I use Valvoline Maxlife ATF in Allison?

The fluid will be fine in you ’05 Allison. Normal service schedules should be observed.

How many quarts does a Allison 1000 transmission hold?

The actual capacity is about 13 quarts but the torque converter doesn’t drain.

How do I know what Allison Transmission I have?

Transmission serial numbers can be found on the Transmission data plate. The serial number of an Allison transmission may be located on the transmission data plate. This can be located on the side of the transmission. This data plate is usually found on the lower rear face of the rear housing.

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How many quarts does a 2006 Duramax take?

LBZ Duramax Specifications

Manufactured Years: 2006-2007
Valvetrain: Overhead Valve (OHV) 4 Valves per cylinder (32V)
Engine Oil Capacity: 10 Quarts With Filter
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Tank Size: 34 Gallons

How much transmission fluid does a Duramax Allison Transmission hold?

Using transmission funnel fill transmission with 7.4 quarts of Transynd and check level. We recommend this service every 30-40 thousand miles to keep your Allison running its best. Allison does not recommend using a machine to filter or flush the transmission.

How much transmission fluid does a 2006 Chevy Silverado take?

The 2006 Chevy Silverado uses Dexron VI Transmission Fluid. It has a capacity of 11.2 quarts. Transmission fluid, similar to oil, is a lubricant and its purpose is to make sure that the various working parts of the transmission are not subject to damage from heat.