Quick Answer: Does it matter what battery you use for a trolling motor?

Do trolling motor batteries have to match?

Batteries in series should be matched for capacity so they don’t “fight” each other. You can use a Trollbridge12X24 that puts the batteries in parallel whenever the trolling motor is not running. This will allow the weak battery to receive battery-to-battery charge and equalize their voltage.

Can you use any battery for a trolling motor?

Most electric trolling motor will operate with any deep cycle 12-volt marine battery. But for the longest run time and lifespan we recommend lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Can you mix trolling motor batteries?

However, it is not advisable to mix old and new batteries. From an operational perspective the batteries will work fine just fine, however, on average, mixing old and new batteries will shorten the life of the batteries.

What kind of battery do I need for a Minn Kota trolling motor?

A Minn Kota trolling motor will operate with any lead acid, deep cycle marine 12-volt battery/batteries. For best results, use a deep cycle, marine battery with at least a 110-ampere hour rating.

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Can you use a 12v battery with a 24v trolling motor?

24v hooked to 12v will spin for a while on a full battery but there will be no torque. You could stop it with your hand. It is like running your motor with half the spark plugs missing.

What battery is best for a 24 volt trolling motor?

Voltage. According to powerboat manufacturers, trolling boats 14 to 16 meters long should be equipped with a 12-volt battery. A 24 or 36-volt motor is needed for longer boats. Each of those trolling motors will be fitted with a 12v AGM deep cycle battery, with low hours of power supply over a long time.

Can you use any 12v battery on trolling motor?

There are two types of deep-cycle 12-volt batteries that are recommended for electric trolling motor use: Lead Acid Wet-Cell & AGM batteries.

Can I use AGM car battery for trolling motor?

AGM batteries also tend to have lower internal resistance. That means they can accept current faster (recharge) and deliver current longer (running your trolling motor longer) than a typical flooded lead-acid battery.

Will a marine starting battery work for a trolling motor?

Marine Starting Batteries provide quick but powerful spurts of energy over short periods of time and are designed to start the engine and be rapidly recharged by the engine alternator. A starting battery should not be used for trolling motors or powering appliances.

How long will a 12v battery run a trolling motor?

Almost 5 hours doesn’t seem too bad, but that is really a max runtime in ideal conditions. Reality is likely to be less. If the battery is old, damaged or not fully charged then you will not get the rated amp hours from it, reducing your runtime.

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What type of marine battery do I need?

In most cases, 12 volt batteries are what you need. In rare cases other types of batteries are used, like 6 volt or 8 volt batteries for example. If your boat is a bass boat or bigger, 12 volt boat battery is your best bet.

Is my Minn Kota 12 or 24 volt?

The nameplates are most often found in the foot petals of the motor. Otherwise, you can look at the configuration of the trolling motor batteries to find the volts. Open the hood and look at the battery. If you see 6 cells, it’s a 12-volt battery, but if you see 12 cells, it means it’s a 24-volt battery.

Can you use a dual purpose battery for a trolling motor?

Dual Purpose Batteries

A dual-purpose marine battery provides enough power to start the engine and turn it over, while also providing enough energy to keep your trolling motor running consistently. As the name implies, dual-purpose batteries can be used for both purposes.

How long will a 100Ah battery run a trolling motor?

How long will a 100Ah battery run a trolling motor? A 100Ah lead acid deep-cycle battery will run a 30lbs thrust trolling motor on Speed 4 for 4 hours.