Quick Answer: Is a 350 engine good?

How long can a 350 engine last?

How Many Miles Does A 350 Last? ES 350s can last anywhere between 250,000 and 300,000 miles or, about 17 to 20 years, irst was between 250,000 to 300,000 miles or about 17 to 20 years, which is slightly more than the E350.

How much horsepower can you get out of a 350?

a typical 350 Chevy can make upwards of 350 – 375 HP before you exceed the reliability of the components. For a big block with the same stock components it can make in the area of about 400 to 475 or so HP and handle upwards of about 500 HP before you exceed the reliability of the stock cast pistons.

How reliable is a 350 small-block?

It’s one of the most reliable engines ever

Even if you drive in tough conditions, the Chevy 350 remains very dependable and keeps running. It’s been around since 1967, and Chevy was making small-block engines long before then.

Is a 350 a big engine?

Prior to that, the small block V-8 engine was standard in most Chevy cars, varying over the years in displacement. The Chevy 350 cubic inch (5.7 L) small-block eventually became the GM corporate standard until its manufacture was discontinued in 2003.

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Is the Chevy 5.7 a good motor?

Mechanics report that the Chevy 5.7L Vortec engine is an extremely dependable and reliable motor that can run beyond 300,000 miles with minimal issues beyond regular maintenance. However, reaching that high mileage point will likely require some repairs and maintenance.

How many miles will a Chevy 5.7 last?

5.7 Hemi engines are good for 250-300 000 miles and more if properly cared for and regular maintenance is carried out.

How much does a 350 engine cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 350 Engine? The average price ranges from $600 to $3,500. We really do depend on your kind of involvement with the tool. For “good” rebuilds no bigger than the “mild 350” standard, you’ll normally pay roughly $1,600-2,500, depending on where you are in the US.

How can I make my 350 faster?

How to Get More Horsepower Out of My Chevy 350 Small Block

  1. Modify your air intake. …
  2. Modify your exhaust. …
  3. Change your camshafts and valve train. …
  4. Purchase new cylinder heads, or have yours ported and polished. …
  5. Have your motor rebuilt and blueprinted.

What year is the best Chevy 350 engine?

What Year is the Best Chevy 350 Engine?

  • LT-1 – 1970. When the LT-1 hit the scene in 1970, it took the world by storm. …
  • L98 – 1992. Another fan favorite is the 1992 L98 350 engine. …
  • L31 – 2002. Last but not least, the 2002 L31 350 Chevy engine deserves recognition.

How much horsepower does a 5.7 350 have?

It’s a 5.7L (350 cubic inch) small-block, V8 engine with a 4.00-inch bore and a 3.48-inch stroke. Depending on the year, make, and model of the car that it is equipped in, this engine is capable of outputting between 145 to 370 horsepower.

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When did Chevy stop making the 350?

The 350 would last until 2002, primarily as a truck engine; after 47 years in production it would serve out its last days as an option in GM’s full-size vans. The final variant, marketed as the Vortec 5700 but known internally as the L31, produced between 255 and 350 hp.

Can a 350 be a big block?

But it is largely recognized for its ubiquitous 350-ci variant, which seems to have been produced countlessly. Chevy production big-blocks range from 348-ci to 454-ci in passenger cars, but have also been offered in other displacements for different applications.

What’s the best big block engine?

Our Top 5 Big Block Chevys of All Time

  • 396 L78. This is the original factory big block Mark IV engine from Chevrolet. …
  • 427 Tri-Power. The 427 big block was introduced as a production engine in 1966 for full-sized Chevrolets and Corvettes. …
  • L88. …
  • 454 LS6.

Is a Chevy 350 a small block?

350. The 1967 Camaro also brought the world the first 350-cubic-inch small-block Chevy V-8. This engine would eventually be used in passenger cars and trucks in nearly every imaginable level of tune. Like the 302, it was based on the 327 block, but the 350 had an all-new crankshaft with a 3.48-inch stroke.