Should outboard motor be up or down when trailering?

How do you transport an outboard motor?

The best way to transport your outboard motor depends on the model. If you have to transport your outboard with it lying down, our SVB experts recommend laying it temporarily on the side of the tiller arm, with the cylinder block positioned higher than the propeller.

Should boat motor be stored up or down?

When you park the boat for the winter keep the motor trimmed or tilted down, especially if it’s outdoors. This will allow all of the water to drain out of the motor’s cooling system. If it’s tilted up, some water may remain in the motor, where it can freeze and cause a cracked block or a ruined water pump housing.

How do I keep my boat motor straight while trailering?

Most transom savers keep an outboard straight while trailering, but with a motor tote, steering locks such as the T-H Marine 4-inch clips ($14.99 per pair, are needed to keep the engine from flopping over.

How do I keep my outboard motor straight?

Tilt the motor up to the end of the trim setting and go haul your rig. The motor stays hard over, the motor rests just fine on the hydraulics of the trim cylinders and you are good to go. X2 – Nothing will hold the motor straight on our back roads. Turn the motor full over,tighten it then forget it.

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How do I keep my outboard motor straight while trolling?

The cord also keeps the motor straight while trailering. This may sound dumb but don’t most outboard motors have a collar at the pivot point of some kind that can be tightened in small increments until a small amount of resistance is felt which should keep it straight while trolling and still allow good steering.

Can you lay down an outboard motor?

When you are storing a boat motor, you can never lay it on its side because you can possibly damage it or because of how fuel may end up leaking all over the place if you leave it lying on its side for prolonged periods of time.

Can you lay an outboard motor on its side for transport?

It’s almost never a good idea to lay an outboard motor down on its side or back. This is doubly true in the winter, when moisture from condensation needs to drain from the motor. Evinrude/Johnson emphatically states that four-stroke motors must be stored upright and recommends this for all other motors.

Where should my outboard sit in the water?

A boat rigger’s rule of thumb is that the motor can be raised one inch for each eight to 10 inches of distance between the transom and prop. As the prop moves further aft, it’s also likely to be in cleaner, “harder” water, and be more efficient.

Do outboards self drain?

All of the water passages in an outboard will self drain. Turning the engine over on while out of the water is not going to expel any water…that will only damage the water pump impeller.

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