What is a acoustic windshield?

How do I know if I have an acoustic windshield?

Acoustic Windscreen Symbol

One way to know right off hand is by looking at the bottom of the driver side windshield. If there is the word “acoustic” or “A” or even the symbol of an “ear”, then you have an acoustic windshield.

How much difference does acoustic glass make?

All glass will reduce noise levels. Even single glazing with a pane width of 4mm will reduce noise levels by approximately 20-25 decibels – for comparison, the human ear can detect changes in noise levels at as little as 5 decibels.

What does acoustic glass do?

Acoustic glass is highly effective in muffling the sound of horns honking, rain clattering, loudspeakers blaring, etc. It provides impeccable sound insulation. This type of glass is manufactured by having two layers of glass that have been laminated together with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) film in between.

What is a Ford acoustic windshield?

SoundScreen® acoustic windshields and doors are specifically engineered performance parts installed in nearly all Ford and Lincoln models – canceling noise surrounding your vehicle and improving your overall experience within your vehicle.

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Is acoustic glass soundproof?

When it comes to soundproofing your home, yes. Acoustic glass is specially designed to reflect, absorb and dampen soundwaves, whereas triple glazing tends to be designed to improve thermal efficiency.

What vehicles have acoustic glass?

Other major car brands that commonly use acoustic windshields are Audi, Toyota, Jeep, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, and Maruti. What is this? Genesis uses a double-laminated soundproof windshield. Range Rover and BMW use lighter acoustic glass.

Is acoustic glass worth the money?

Not only is acoustic glass ideal for noise reduction, but it also increases the strength of your glass, making it much more secure than your standard glass.

Does acoustic glass really work?

Not only do acoustic windshields reduce noise, but they also contribute to better fuel economy. The noise reduction properties of the laminated technology offset the need for thicker and heavier glass. If an acoustic windshield needs to be replaced, look carefully for the manufacturer’s trade name.

Are acoustic windows effective?

In tests, Acoustic double glazed windows reduce sound by up to 40dB, which would take the loud 80dB noise from road traffic down to a quiet 40dB noise – that’s the equivalent to the sound of someone speaking in a library.

Does Lexus use acoustic glass?

That’s in addition to heated and ventilated front seats with driver memory, rain-sensing windshield wipers, ambient interior lighting and acoustic side glass that’s also available on lesser ES 350s.

How thick is acoustic glass?

Acoustic glass is available in thicknesses between 6.8-12.8mm. Each additional mm in thickness results in a further sound reduction of around 1dB. However, due the additional cost and weight this would place on the window, it is generally considered that thicknesses above 6.8mm are not worth the extra expense.

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What is BMW acoustic glass?

$150 option in the US; from the online configurator it is the windshield and side glass. Acoustic glass. $150. Increase your driving comfort by reducing exterior noise with thicker glass on your side windows and windshield. Perfect for enjoying your favorite music, or simply relaxing in the quiet.