Your question: How long is a Cosco car seat good?

Do Cosco car seats expire?

If manufactured before December 14, 2013 the expiration date is 6 years and if manufactured after December 14, 2013 the expiration date is 8 years. Expiration dates tend to range between 6 to 10 years depending on the model. Overtime car seats can become compromised in ways that are not visible to the eye.

How long are Cosco Scenera car seats good for?

Expiration: Etched into the back of the NEXT is the fact that it expires 8 years after the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture can be found on a label on the right side of the seat, near the rear facing belt path.

How do I know when my car seat expires?

Check your seat’s expiration date by looking at its label, usually at the bottom or back to the seat.

Are car seats good for 10 years?

Most manufacturers give their car seats expiration dates of 6 to 10 years after they’re made, at which point a car seat could, at best, have outdated technology, and at worst, no longer meet the safety standards of the seats on the market.

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How do I know if my Cosco car seat is expired?

Cosco: The car seat expiration date is likely imprinted into the plastic on the bottom of the seat or a white sticker on the back of the seat, depending on the model. Evenflo: A white sticker should be located on the bottom or back of the car seat, depending on the model.

How long are car seats good for in Ontario?

According to Transport Canada and the manufacturers, child seats and booster seats have a six- to nine-year life.

Can you use an expired car seat?

Once a seat has expired please destroy it. Do not give it to a friend or relative to use, don’t donate it to charity, and don’t keep it “as a back-up.” Remove the cover (which CAN be saved for use on another identical seat), cut the harness, and write “expired – do not use” in marker.

How long do car seats last before they expire in Canada?


Importer / Manufacturer Brand Name(s) Useful Life
Newell Brands Canada, Inc. Graco 4Ever – 10 years Expiry date stamped into the seat
Evenflo Canada, Inc. Evenflo 6 years
Evenflo Symphony – 8 years
Evenflo SafeMax All-In-One – 10 years

How many years after manufacture date is a car seat good for?

Yes, car seats typically expire after six years from the date of manufacture. A sticker that provides the serial number includes manufacture and expiration dates. Of course, the seats don’t dissolve on the expiration date at the stroke of midnight.

Is it illegal to use an expired car seat in Canada?

Banned car seats include those that are expired, manufactured before 2012, or made outside the country, because they may not meet Canadian safety standards.

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What do you do with expired car seats Canada?

If your seat is expired, has been in a collision, or was made before January 2012 and does not meet the Jan 2012 regulations:

  1. cut the harness straps and fabric, making it undesirable for someone else to take.
  2. put it in a garbage bag, if possible.
  3. throw it out on garbage day or take it to your local waste facility.